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Workday cloud data transformation

Whether it is Human Capital Management, Payroll, Financial Management, Student, or others implementing Workday is a major undertaking.

Too often, the responsibility for the translation of data from legacy systems to Workday is put squarely on a team who are not data migration experts. In most organizations, internal IT staff and business-process subject-matter-experts are not expected to be data migration experts.

Data migration is a critical and risky component. Risks associated with insufficient data migration solutions often lead to:

•  Project delays or failure

•  Increased project cost

•  Inability to use all Workday functionality

•  Broken interfaces

•  Inaccurate reporting, both internally and to local/federal governing bodies

•  Poor utilization of key staff members’ areas of expertise

Get the most out of your Workday cloud

Applaud data transformation tools are designed specially for Workday.

Accelerate your Workday transformation

Premier’s proprietary accelerators include:

Shortened tenant-build timelines

Hundreds of Workday pre-validations dynamically check converted data against tenant configuration before load; speeding up issue identification, issue resolution, and overall load time allowing more time for users to test.

Real data, real quick

With Premier, clients achieve data-load success percentages over 90% in the first (Foundation) tenant build, fueling more accurate Workday tenant configuration and test results during the subsequent project stages.

Workday delivery approach

Step-by-step data conversion execution process from the Plan stage through the Deploy and Hypercare stages, understanding the dependencies and ensuring all execution follows the Workday delivery approach.

Tenant upgrade support

Data conversion tool assessment with each semi-annual tenant version release to ensure conversion solution always meets the current requirements.

Templated workday conversion tools

Developed with years of Workday implementation experience, our tools expedite requirement gathering and conversion development while ensuring you get the best solution.

Customized data-quality strategy

Insight into the legacy data landscape, alongside understanding of Workday best practices, allows Premier to deliver a customized data-quality strategy suited to your specific needs.

Automated cleansing

Automatically cleanse data objects such as Employees, Addresses, Students, or Suppliers, ensuring that your Workday solution goes live with data quality standards fit for the cloud.

Your data, Workday-ready

Generate load-ready data in standard Workday Advanced Load, Enterprise Interface Builder (EIB), iLoad, and any other custom load workbooks.

Data validation support

Accelerate the validation process through post-conversion validation planning and reports for functions such as payroll or finance.

Premier takes the risk out of data migration

As a trusted Workday data migration solution, across Workday’s suite of products and industries, Premier’s approach includes:
  • Automation. Premier builds predictable and repeatable processes to handle the extraction, transformation, cleansing, and validation of data
  • Expertise. We have spent over 30 years perfecting the art of data conversion and bring years of expertise in the Workday implementation methodology, understanding of the nuances of migrating to Workday’s object-based cloud data model
  • Optimization. Our approach streamlines the process, reducing the level of effort required of the IT staff and subject matter experts.
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Data Migration, Powered by Applaud Software

Our proprietary Applaud Software ensures a swift, secure, and successful system transition to platforms including Oracle, Workday, Dynamics365, and more.

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We can help. Premier partners with clients across all industries to provide unparalleled Workday data transformation solutions. Let your staff spend their time focusing on the future. We’ll be there supporting the entire way, building a strong data transformation strategy to ensure you get there.

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