Our Proprietary Data Migration Software

With over 30 years of successful deployment on client engagements, Premier's proprietary Applaud® software is at the heart of our consulting practice and powers our solutions for our clients.

“By using Applaud®  and Premier we 'de-risk' the project.”

Our Applaud® Solution

Our Applaud® data migration solution uses a combination of technology and services to safely and uneventfully take you into your new application. Our RapidTrak methodology provides the tools and structure to ensure the project remains low risk, on schedule and within budget. Working hand in hand with your team, we deliver a solution that is uniquely tailored to the complexities of your business.

Applaud®  Data Migration Services

Our team averages more than 8 years of experience focusing exclusively on data migration projects. Our extensive experience across a wide range of industries and applications allows us to proactively identify and address issues that plague data migrations. Our commitment to your success reduces the risk and accelerates the implementation.

Applaud®  Data Migration Software

Optimized to address data migration challenges, Applaud’s integrated toolset provides a superior level of data knowledge and process flexibility, allowing the automation of complex cleansing and transformation rules for vast data sets. Development and ongoing process changes are lightning fast, reducing cost and accelerating the ability to react. The increased data quality dramatically improves reporting accuracy and business process efficiency.

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“At the start of the project, I was concerned about the data conversion. But with Premier and Applaud®, I didn’t even have to think about it.”

Technical Lead, $8B Truck Manufacturer

"The knowledge, skill, and dedication you guys brought to the table helped make it all happen."

Senior Manager, Top Four Global Consulting Firm

“Your team was great to work with. Professional, accommodating, organized, knowledgeable ... We could not have been as successful without you.”

Project Manager, $2B Filtration Company

“Premier and Applaud ‘De-Risk’ data migration.”

Senior Partner, Top Four Global Consulting Firm