The Premier Way

Values are the underpinning of any organizational culture. They are the lens through which all leadership and day-to-day activities should be seen to ensure alignment with vision and mission.

Values drive our behavior on the way to outcomes. The way we understand and talk about our values affects the way we work together and the things we choose to do.

At Premier, we are guided by six core values. We call these elements “The Premier Way.”

At Premier, we are guided by six core values. We call these elements “The Premier Way.”

Client First. Always.

Our clients are only successful when we put their needs above all else. And we are only successful when our clients are.  Relentless in our focus on our clients and their success, we become our client's advocates and their allies. This doesn't mean that the client is always right … but it does mean that the client is always first.

Driven by Integrity.

The Code of Ethics is alive and well at Premier. It is not only embedded in our company and our culture, but also in each individual. Through hiring those who are inspired by our commitment to these ethics, we celebrate our undying commitment to upholding the highest ethical standards, both individually and collectively. Everything we do is undergirded by our integrity — both individual integrity and our collective integrity. This is not negotiable and is a critical part of Premier’s DNA.

Above and Beyond.

We are a team of self-driven and motivated individuals who are tough to satisfy. We are committed, hard-working client advocates who take responsibility and ownership of our work. We give 110% to every problem and collaborate with each other for solutions that go above and beyond what is expected. This goes for internal initiatives in addition to client work. Everything we do is Above and Beyond – from company parties to fantasy football bets and everything in between.

Rise to the Opportunity.

We help our clients and ourselves be successful. Where others see a challenge, we see an opportunity. The stickier the situation, the more motivated and excited we get. This doesn’t just apply to client work. When our teammates need help, we are there for them. We will always find time and a way to help others be successful.

Confident yet Humble.

We have been doing this work for a long time. We are experts in this space. There's not a problem we have not seen nor a challenge we cannot meet. And that confidence comes across in how we work and collaborate. We will not be arrogant in our knowledge and skills. We remain humbled by the opportunity to serve our clients and will work to use our expertise and confidence to benefit the client and make them shine. Our reward is their success.

One Team. United.

We work together to advance our work and our client's success. We are united in our pursuit of these goals and inspired by the collective commitment. This doesn't mean we always agree. We celebrate a diversity of voices and opinions. But we are always aligned when we walk out of the room, focused on how we can make our clients and Premier successful.

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