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Implementing Dynamics 365

Migrating to Dynamics 365 is a strategic move towards business transformation. Our goal is to facilitate a smooth transition that leverages the full potential of Dynamics 365 with minimal disruption to your current operations.

Issues with data migration often lead to:

  • Operational downtime
  • Increased costs due to extended timelines
  • Compromised data integrity affecting system performance
  • Challenges in user adoption due to system complexity

Premier’s Dynamics 365 Data Migration Solution

We employ a structured process, leveraging our deep expertise in Dynamics 365 to mitigate the risk out of your data migration projects. Our solution is designed to be agile and responsive to your unique business needs.

How Premier accelerates the move to Dynamics 365

Our dedicated Dynamics 365 migration solution encompasses:

Pre-configured Templates

Utilizing our tested templates for Dynamics 365 to streamline the migration process.

Automated Data Cleaning

Our tools clean and prepare your data for a clean transfer to Dynamics 365.

Custom Code Adaptation

Adapting your existing custom code to work with the new Dynamics 365 environment.

Tailored Integration Services

We ensure that your legacy systems and third-party applications integrate seamlessly with Dynamics 365.


Hundreds of out-of-the-box pre-load validations identify issues within the legacy data and its compliance with Dynamics 365 configuration prior to the upload into Dynamics 365.

Dedicated Dynamics Team

Our Dynamics 365 experts are dedicated to ensuring a successful migration by providing ongoing support and expertise.

Premier takes the risk out of Dynamics 365 data migration

We have partnered with numerous clients to facilitate their move to Dynamics 365, ensuring that their data is migrated accurately and efficiently, within the scheduled time and budget.
Are operational concerns about migrating to Dynamics 365 causing you sleepless nights? Premier's experts are here to guide you every step of the way.
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Data Migration, Powered by Applaud Software

Our proprietary Applaud Software ensures a swift, secure, and successful system transition to platforms including Oracle, Workday, Dynamics365, and more.

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