Privacy Policy

Premier International is committed to protecting your privacy and ensuring you have a positive experience on our web site. This document outlines our privacy policy as it relates to the terms of use of this web site.

When you access this web site, we collect the IP address of the computer you are using to browse the site. If this address is a static or fixed IP address, we could theoretically be able to identify you, therefore this type of information could be considered personal data. However, we only collect this type of information to compile usage statistics on an anonymous basis. We do not collect IP address data to identify you specifically.

Apart from your IP address, no personal data is transmitted when accessing this web site. Unless you submit personal data about yourself by filling in a form on the web site or by sending us an e-mail, we will not maintain any other personal data as a result of your access and usage of the site.

When we want personal information about you, we will express our request to you before we collect the information. You will have the option to provide, or not provide, your personal information. The primary reason we will collect information from you is to determine the areas of your interest in our products and services, and to ensure that you receive the information you need. We will not contact you unless you specifically provide personal contact information to us.

Your contact information will only be used by us directly. We will not provide your information to any other party unless we are legally required to do so under a court order or you specifically give us permission.

If cookies are enabled on your computer, the process of accessing this web site may leave small amounts of data on your disk. Cookies are data files that relate to the web site. If we leave cookies, it will be entirely for your convenience. This is the equivalent of “remembering” information you have entered in the past so you do not need to enter it again. If cookies are disabled on your computer we will not leave the information.

Again, we are dedicated to your privacy. Please contact us if you have questions.

Address queries to:

Chief Counsel
Premier International Enterprises, Inc.
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