Client: State Government with Antiquated Legacy Data Landscape


The state is running across nine disjointed, antiquated, and disparate ERP applications for HCM and finance across 70+ agencies.  Faced with a series of evolving business requirements, increased maintenance costs, loss of technical mainframe knowledge, and difficulty hiring/keeping staff that is willing to use these old systems, the State cannot successfully run its business.  In order to improve their operations and address these issues, the State embarked on a transformation initiative that will consolidate their business processes and data into a single instance of Workday.

Project Challenges

  • Mainframe with missing and inaccurate COBOL copybooks
  • Lack of technical resources that understand mainframe data structures
  • Data issues from lack of data validations and field re-purposing over time
  • Data integrity issues across legacy Benefits and HR applications
  • Compressed timelines caused by budget constraints

Key Solutions Summary

  • Data migration software that automatically accesses raw EBCDIC data without programming
  • Automated processes that identify copybook and EBCDIC data mismatches
  • Automated profiling provides data statistics about field usage
  • Data migration experts guide business resources through tight timelines, maintaining focus to meet the tight schedule.
  • CTQ (Critical-to-Quality) validations ensure the data is Workday ready prior to each tenant build