We take the risk out of data migration.

For more than 30 years, we've been successfully delivering data migration solutions for complex implementations globally. Our EPACTL framework and Applaud data migration software accelerate the data migration track of the implementation and position our clients to realize more value from their data. With a client base that spans from Fortune 10 organizations to state governments to leading healthcare providers to large university networks, we are readily able to transform the messiest data landscapes.

Our process

We bring your data into our system using Premier International’s EPACTL framework to take the risk out of migrating to your target system.
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Our secret sauce

Our EPACTL process is at the core of how we take the risk out of your data migration.

Extract (E)

  • Extract data from disparate systems into the streamlined Applaud® data repository.
  • Applaud connects directly via relational database or can import flat files or raw data in situations such as a Mainframe system.
  • Automated extraction removes burden from legacy IT team.
  • One common data repository allows reporting and cleansing across the entire legacy data landscape.

Profile (P)

  • Applaud automatically profiles each table during the data extraction.
  • Profiling results provide valuable statistics, allowing our consultants to make informed decisions using real-time metadata.

Analysis (A)

  • Applaud’s insight into the legacy data landscape informs the data quality strategy.
  • Comprehensive de-duplication solution is configurable to fit each business case.

Cleansing (C)

  • Data cleansing for suppliers, customers, items, employees, and other data objects ensures that your Oracle solution adheres to your organization’s data standards.
  • Automated data cleansing is built within Applaud.
  • Applaud is integrated with USPS API to allow for US Address Standardization.

Transformation (T)

  • Templated conversion tools expedite requirement gathering and conversion development.
  • Automated data conversion programs execute the legacy-to-target transformation requirements.
  • Predictable, repeatable conversion programs run on-demand and can be rapidly enhanced due to changing business requirements.
  • Target system pre-validations confirm the data integrity of the transformed data, such as ensuring required fields are populated, dates are in range, and values match configurations.

Load & Validation (L)

  • Load into the target system, reducing handoffs, streamlining the process, and allowing load issues to be captured immediately in conversion code without additional delays/steps.
  • Extracts of target-ready data in load templates specific to the target system.
  • Audit results programmatically capture counts from Legacy to Oracle Production.
  • Legacy-to-Target Data Reconciliation for data harmonization before the organization-wide move to the production environment.  
  • Accelerate the validation process through post-conversion validation reports.
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Data Migration, Powered by Applaud Software

Our proprietary Applaud Software ensures a swift, secure, and successful system transition to platforms including Oracle, Workday, Dynamics365, and more.

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