How will you ensure your data is Workday ready?

Workday’s functionality will transform and accelerate your finance and HCM operations. However, the implementation will only be successful when your data is Workday ready. Data is a strategic asset that drives organizational performance and the implementation’s critical path. Data issues will delay your implementation and the effectiveness of your Workday solution. To maximize the efficacy of Workday, ensure the implementation timeline holds true, and each tenant build is successful, data needs to be delivered through a predictable, repeatable, and highly automated process.

  • What is your data migration methodology?
  • Do you have resources to document, build, maintain, and execute the data migration?
  • Are your data preparedness tools and templates built to get you ahead of data issues?
  • How will you know that your data is both functionally and technically correct prior to loading into Workday?

Why do governments choose Premier to ensure their data is Workday ready?

Premier’s Workday data migration specialists, methodology, and Applaud® data migration software seamlessly fit into Workday’s implementation standards

  • Enable SMEs to focus on improving the organization and the efficacy of the Workday solution
  • Comprehensive reporting ensures data audit, cleansing, and reconciliation metrics are captured at department and project levels
  • 100’s of pre-configured Workday specific validations accelerate data timelines and get the team ahead of data issues
  • Robust payroll parallel analysis ensures that Workday payroll processes match legacy processing to the penny
  • Access mainframe EBCDIC data without having to program a single line of code

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