ITHACA, NY:  Premier International is proud to announce the successful SAP Go-Live for a $8.3B auto parts manufacturer.  Premier’s custom migration services filled gaps in the organization’s Data Migration process to ensure that the cleanest and most accurate data set was migrated at go live. The use of robust comparison reports, custom address cleansing, and customizable pre-validation reports allowed the organization to Go Live knowing their data was ready to support their business process.

This achievement is memorable due to the multitude of ways the Applaud® file comparison report was utilized, allowing the organization to quickly understand gaps and create impromptu delta load files at a moment’s notice.  The ability of the comparison report to quickly be run for any set of files allowed the organization to report against legacy data to identify changes between mock runs, compare legacy data to load data to isolate unauthorized transformations, and compare load data to existing SAP data to preemptively address conflicts. Comparisons were regularly run for more than 75 data files across 13 conversion areas.

With this achievement, Premier looks forward to continuing our mission of removing data from the critical path for the program’s next phases.