We Take the Risk Out of Data Migration

Whether it is Source-to-Pay, Strategic Sourcing, or Procure-to-Pay, the implementation of an Ivalua system is a major undertaking and data migration is a critical and risky component.

  • Data from multiple legacy sources needs to be extracted, consolidated, cleansed, de-duplicated, and transformed before it can be loaded into Ivalua.
  • The data migration process must be repeatable, predictable, and executable within a specific timeframe.
  • Issues with data migration will delay the entire implementation or Ivalua will not function properly.
  • If the converted data is not cleansed and standardized, the full functionality and potential Ivalua has to offer will not be realized.

Data Migration Challenges

Many obstacles are encountered during an Ivalua implementation, each increases the risk of project overrun and delay. Typical challenges include:

  • High levels of data duplication across disparate legacy systems.
  • Unsupported and/or misunderstood legacy systems, both in their functionality and underlying technologies.
  • Legacy data quality issues – including missing, inconsistent, and invalid data – which must be identified and corrected prior to loading to Ivalua.
  • Legacy data structures and business requirements which differ drastically from Ivalua’s.
  • Frequent specification changes which need to be accounted for within a short timeframe.

The Premier Difference

Premier International’s Applaud® Data Migration Services help overcome these challenges. Three key components contribute to Premier’s success:

  1. People: Our services team focuses exclusively on data migration, honing their expertise over years of experience with Applaud and our solutions. They are client-focused and experts in the field.
  2. Software: Our data migration software, Applaud, has been optimized to address the challenges that occur on data migration projects, allowing one team using one integrated product to accomplish all data objectives.
  3. Approach: Our RapidTrak methodology helps ensure that the project stays on track. Premier’s approach to data migration differs from traditional approaches, decreasing implementation time and reducing the risk of the migration process.

Applaud Eliminates Data Migration Risk

Applaud’s features have been designed to save time and improve data quality at every step of an implementation project. Premier’s proven approach to data migration includes the following:

  • Experienced data migration consultants identify, prevent and resolve issues before they become problems.
  • Extraction capabilities can incorporate raw data from many disparate legacy systems, including mainframe, into Applaud’s data repository. New data sources can be quickly extracted as they are identified.
  • Automated profiling on every column in every key legacy table assists with the creation of the data conversion requirements based on facts rather than assumptions.
  • Powerful data matching engine that quickly identifies duplicate information across any data area including supplier, item, contract, and manufacturer records across the data landscape.
  • Integrated analytics/reporting tools allow deeper legacy data analysis to identify potential data anomalies before they become problems.
  • Cleansing features identify and monitor data issues, allowing development and support of an overarching data quality strategy.
  • Development accelerators facilitate the building of load files and support Ivalua’s nimble solution.
  • Process that ensures the data conversion is predictable, repeatable, and highly automated throughout the implementation, from the first test cycle through go-live.
  • Stringent compliance with data security needs ensure PII information remains secure.
  • Our RapidTrak methodology provides a truly integrated approach that decreases the overall data migration effort and reduces project risk.