The ISO Identification of Medical Products (IDMP) standard is one of the most complex data challenges facing life sciences companies today. The regulation requires unique identification of pharmaceutical products using a standardized language to improve the exchange of data between pharmaceutical companies and global regulators.

Meeting the full scope of the IDMP regulation (which includes five distinct standards) will require ongoing access to accurate, high-quality, and trustworthy data collected from multiple systems across your enterprise. Good data governance is critical. And it’s why we’ve partnered with Informatica to deliver a comprehensive solution to help you support better data stewardship, data quality, and data monitoring.

An End-to-End Data Governance Solution

Premier International has designed a comprehensive data governance solution to address IDMP compliance from start to finish. We begin by establishing business glossaries that define terms so that data users across the enterprise share a common language. We then identify critical data elements from across your source systems and display the lineage, owners, and stewards of that data in a searchable data catalog. We also establish data quality rules and metrics to apply against your data so that you can easily monitor governed assets with 3 compliance dashboards. To simplify reporting with consistent data values, we harmonize your reference data according to IDMP rules. Our IDMP solution is based on Informatica Axon, Enterprise Data Catalog, Informatica Data Quality, Informatica Reference 360 and Informatica MDM (see Figure 1).

Figure 1: IDMP data lineage in Informatica Enterprise Data Catalog.

Premier International has experience delivering data governance solutions that help organizations improve data management processes to meet stringent compliance regulations. We work across policy, data, and technical domains to help you achieve results faster by digging deep into data policies to deliver the strategic solutions your organization needs to transform regulatory compliance into a business differentiator.

Establish a Foundation for Innovation

As the regulatory landscape continues to grow more complex, life sciences organizations are seeking better ways to adapt and respond. By establishing a sustainable data governance framework now, you can meet new imperatives and priorities with clarity and intelligence, integrating high quality, traceable data into your organization’s ongoing compliance programs to better support its business strategy, mission, and goals.

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