Project Summary

A $14B Surgical Equipment Company (Client) was in the midst of consolidating a recent acquisition into their existing JD Edwards Enterprise One (E1) application.  The majority of the Data Migration work was being performed by the Client. As the Go Live date approached, development of the migrations fell behind to the point that they would not be ready for the Go Live date, putting the overall project schedule at risk.

With the scheduled Go Live only 38 calendar days away, the Client was faced with a choice between a painful contingency plan or finding an alternate solution.  The Client’s System Integrator (SI)  recommended that Premier International be brought in rescue the timeline, undertaking  the Data Migration work  for the outstanding transactional migrations.  

Initially, Premier was asked to undertake the Sales Orders migrations. Once it became apparent these would be completed well in advance of Go Live, the scope was increased to also include the Purchase Order migrations.  

With 100 hours of work over the course of 38 calendar days, Premier International was able to turn the project from certain failure to an uneventful Go Live, with no major issues encountered at cutover.  


There were two main requirements for this project:

  • Identify and resolve all major Sales Order and Purchase Order data issues prior to Go Live
  • Automate the Sales Order and Purchase Order Data Migrations within 38 calendar days

Using Applaud® for Data Migration

In order to rescue the project, the Client decided to use Premier International’s Applaud®  Data Migration Services to ensure the transactional migrations would be ready for Go Live without impacting the project timeline.

There are three key components of Premier’s solution which helped make the rescue effort successful:

  • Premier’s data migration consultants. On every project, Premier engages consultants that specialize exclusively in complex data migration projects.  This project was completed by one data migration consultant with more than 15 years of experience.
  • Premier’s EPACTL methodology. An EPACTL (Extract, Profile, Analyze, Cleanse, Transform, Load) approach to Data Migration is different from traditional ETL methods and streamlines the implementation timeline while reducing  migration risk. Premier accelerates the implementation through an early focus on understanding the legacy data landscape and resolving any data issues.
  • Premier’s Data Migration software, Applaud®. Applaud is EPACTL software  and was built from the ground up to address the challenges of Data Migration.  Applaud allows the team to accomplish all Data Migration requirements through one integrated product.

All three aspects of the solution were critical factors in meeting the tight time frames required to rescue this project.

Challenges & Solutions

In order to successfully rescue the project, a number of challenges needed to be overcome—and quickly. The rescue effort was only possible through the combination of Premier’s experience, approach and software.

The functional business requirements for the Sales and Purchase Order migrations were not complete.

  • Applaud’s automated profiling capabilities allowed us to quickly  provide an overview of the legacy landscape and identify missing Data Migration specifications.
  • Applaud’s data repository allowed the team to start identifying data and requirement issues before the Client was able to complete the paperwork that permitted connecting to the target application.
    While the legacy data structures were understood, there were still several scenarios and configurations that needed to be understood.
  • Using Applaud’s EPACTL features and methodology, profiling and analysis reports were extended to include cleansing components that identified legacy data issues, incomplete Data Migration specifications, and missing configuration.
    Project management was pessimistic that the migration programs would be ready for Go Live.
  • Using our project management methodology, we created a project plan to ensure the project was ready for Go-Live.
  • Applaud’s development features allowed the Data Migrations to be built quickly, within a few days.
  • Our specialized experience allowed us to navigate the challenges, identify potential pitfalls, and reassure project management that the Go Live date would be met.

The Successful Result

One week prior to Go Live the Sales Order and Purchase Order Data Migrations conversions were fully tested, repeatable, and highly automated.  Through a combination of our EPACTL approach, Applaud’s technical capabilities, and Premier’s experience, we were able to define and guide the Client through the “Rescue Data Migration” plan.   Quickly resolving legacy and target data issues that could potentially cause problems led to a smooth cutover that was easy for the team to validate and reconcile. Whereas only 38 days previously, the Data Migration was the biggest cause for concern, by Go Live it was  a cause for celebration.