Premier International partnered with the Salesforce team to create an enterprise tool for all Salesforce internal users that incorporates multiple data sources, styles, and cadences and allows users to browse and interact with essential objects such as data cataloging tools, data governance, and risk management guidelines, and data quality best practices, to name a few. The teams worked extensively to create a unified view to create a data marketplace, with all analytical solutions in one place. This makes it possible for existing data APIs to be discovered company-wide and replaces a previously fragmented experience with a Unified Smart Catalog. The metadata app, knowledge base, and corporate updates can now be accessed with a single click, and users are able to receive self-serve analytics based on usage patterns and trends.

A unified experience for the Salesforce team means an easy-to-use, one stop shop to explore KPIs, key metrics, and top data assets across the company. The data discovery process is easier than ever, adding traceability to monitor usage of data assets, and using modern practices for data orchestration, transformation, storage, warehousing, interactive query, and visualization. The intuitive design of the solution makes the framework scalable, which will serve the company’s ongoing and future projects as well.

The Teams from Premier International and Salesforce worked together to plan, develop, and test the centralized user experience that now delivers great value through the following features:

  • A single user interface (UI) for Data Catalog Capabilities including Data Discovery, Data Stewardship, and a Business Glossary
  • A single view of compliance audits and risk assessments through various reports and dashboards
  • A single view of data quality reports and dashboards by business unit
  • An intuitive data health view with a quality score
  • A newly-enabled knowledge base
  • Custom dashboarding capabilities

This project signifies a great partnership with the Salesforce team to work effectively and efficiently with data from myriad sources.