Client:  $17B Privately Held Diversified Automotive Company

After implementing Workday HR solution, our client encountered difficulties in effectively tracking the usage of Workday reports and managing inbound/outbound HR-related datasets. Consequently, there was little insight into user adoption, poor visibility into potential data misuse, and a continued lack of data oversight. To address these issues, our team embarked on a mission to streamline their data management processes and enhance data governance.

Assess and Improve Data Governance Operations:  Premier’s Data Governance-in-a-Box approach assessed current data governance processes, operational model, and requirements.  The assessment created a roadmap to quickly meet the immediate needs and set the groundwork to more easily incorporate future requirements.

Integrated Workday, Collibra, and Purview Metadata: Leveraging Premier's MetaMesh technology, we designed and integrated the metadata across Workday, Collibra, and Purview. This enabled the unified management of Tableau reports, Workday reports, diverse datasets, and other data products across the enterprise.  Driving clarity and trust within our Client's data

Workflow Design and Implementation: Our team designed and implemented robust workflows aimed at governing the report certification process. These workflows were pivotal in ensuring that data shared both internally and externally adhered to stringent data-sharing agreements.

One of the largest technical hurdles that we worked to overcome was how Workday limited the extraction of metadata necessary to meet our Client’s requirements.  To overcome those constraints, we strategically extended the functionality of native Workday reporting. This extension enabled MetaMesh  to extract the essential metadata required for effective tracking and governance of their reports and datasets.

Through integrating Collibra, Workday, and Purview, designing governance workflows, and innovatively extending the capabilities of Workday reporting, we were able to build clarity and trust around the HR reporting functions for our Client. Our solution not only facilitated efficient tracking but also bolstered their data governance framework, ensuring adherence to regulations and optimizing data utilization.

This initiative signifies our commitment to crafting tailored solutions that overcome system limitations and propel organizations towards effective data governance and management. At every step, we remain dedicated to empowering businesses to harness the full potential of their data assets.