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No matter what you are implementing, our Applaud® data migration solution is designed to coordinate and accelerate even the most complex project. Data migration often involves understanding long-standing data issues while unraveling an ever-changing web of conflicting requirements. Even if you are running on a dozen different home-grown platforms today, our proven expertise and technology will eliminate the data migration risk as your organization goes through its business and technology transformation.

“More than 80% of Data Migration projects run over time and/or over budget. Cost overruns average 30%.”

Building on our data assessment, we work with you to build out a data quality strategy and a migration process that is highly automated, predicable, and repeatable.

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“At the start of the project, I was concerned about the data conversion. But with Premier and Applaud®, I didn’t even have to think about it.”

Technical Lead, $8B Truck Manufacturer

"The knowledge, skill, and dedication you guys brought to the table helped make it all happen."

Senior Manager, Top Four Global Consulting Firm

“Your team was great to work with. Professional, accommodating, organized, knowledgeable ... We could not have been as successful without you.”

Project Manager, $2B Filtration Company

“Premier and Applaud ‘De-Risk’ data migration.”

Senior Partner, Top Four Global Consulting Firm

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