Oracle Cloud data loads can be time-consuming and take many iterations to achieve full success. Resolving errors involves identifying failed records and underlying issues, often legacy data quality. This may result in a load being days in delay, affecting key deadlines.
Programmatically pre-validating data before a load involves dynamic checks performed before FBDI’s are ever loaded, ensuring the structure and format of the data is accurate and configuration to support the load is in place. Employing pre-validation ensures the team will avoid load failure, making sure the cutover happens on time, every time.

Learning Objective 1: This presentation will outline the importance of pre-validating FBDI files populated with legacy data before they are loaded into Oracle Cloud.
Learning Objective 2: This presentation will outline specific examples of how the pre-validation of data will save time and resources throughout the duration of an Oracle Cloud implementation.
Learning Objective 3: This presentation will identify the risks a project takes on if it does not employ pre-validation techniques due to the fluid nature of legacy data and the complexity associated with load dependencies.