Despite their differences, the data migration strategy of organizations undergoing technology transformations frequently presents the same opportunities for improvement. In a field where risk management is of the utmost importance, project managers will do whatever they can to reduce the risk associated with data migration, often causing missed deadlines and costs to exceed budgets. Attendees will walk away with insight into tried and proven, risk-averse best practices for data migration.

Learning Objective 1: Provide a strategy to understand legacy data and use facts to document data mapping and conversion rules
Learning Objective 2: Discuss scenarios where developing an automated conversion process may not be the best approach.
Learning Objective 3: Discuss the importance of synergizing work among functional teams, technical teams, and data owners in the data mapping design process
Learning Objective 4: Provide a strategy to establish and enforce a data cleansing process
Learning Objective 5: Discuss the benefits of validating and approving converted data prior to testing