Client:  Multi-National Bank with Regulatory Compliance and Data Quality Issues


A growing multinational bank found itself confronted with rising regulatory compliance demands, data security concerns, and issues regarding data quality. The bank’s data management operations were reactive, fragmented, and struggled to cope with the escalating challenges stemming from the organization's growth and regulatory remediation mandates. Premier was engaged to restructure data operations to be in line with the business objectives and to resolve issues related to data availability, compliance, quality, aggregation, and overall operational inefficiencies.

Project Challenges

  • A lack of a formalized data quality issue remediation process had drawn the concern of regulators and was negatively impacting financial and leadership reporting
  • Limited resources prevented the backlog of data issues from being addressed.
  • The inability to accurately unify customer account and product data from multiple sources into a single view dramatically prevented profit aggregation reporting targeted marketing and risk monitoring effectiveness
  • Unstructured and competing data ownership, management, and governance led to inconsistent decision making

Key Solutions Summary

  • Premier’s Data Governance-in-a-Box approach met the client where they were to create a roadmap aligned with business objectives and cultural readiness
  • Designed and implemented comprehensive data governance program,  organizational framework, and operating model
  • Premier’s  Data Companion solution clarified critical data elements definitions, captured metadata and management requirements, cataloged data quality rules, and established a hub for data operations issue management
  • Data stewardship-as-service resolved the backlog of data issues and operationalized the Data Governance program
  • Designed and facilitated  educational curriculum on data governance best practices to accelerate and improve adoption and support regulatory requirements


  • Operationalized Enterprise data governance and data management organization
  • Identified underlying technical and business logic issues leading to mistrust in customer hierarchy and account ownership
  • Recommended steps to resolve and enhance customer and product views without significant investment in new software products
  • Improved compliance, financial, and leadership reporting
  • Catalog of critical data element definitions, metadata requirements, governance processes
  • A data issue resolution plan that methodically reduced the backlog with the available resources
  • Increased cultural awareness on the impact of data to the organization