Client: A Leading Data Intelligence Platform Technology Company

In a rapidly evolving tech landscape, one leading data technology firm faced a pressing issue: the need to increase its flagship software product's compatibility with diverse data sources. While they had put together a connector framework, it was immature, and help was needed to get integrations in place while they focused on the base framework.  

As Premier engaged, our task revolved around several key activities aimed at streamlining connectivity solutions: 

Connector Development: Leveraging our MetaMesh technology, we focused on crafting connectors for high-priority customer requests. Our goal was to address demands swiftly and effectively. 

Continuous Improvement: Alongside connector development, we identified gaps and areas for enhancement within the framework, helping the Client’s product development team create a clear path for ongoing refinement and optimization. 

Support Model Establishment: To increase operational efficiency, we established and managed a support system that ensures seamless functionality and user satisfaction. 

The enhanced compatibility this client’s data intelligence platform now has against diverse data sources has vastly increased the number of end clients they can serve. Since this platform can now work with more varied and complex data landscapes than before, it has increased the number of opportunities available to the client to drive revenue growth.

As a result of this initiative, we not only solidified our position as a strategic partner but we have also fostered a robust culture knowledge exchange between organizations. Together, we synchronized our efforts to improve integrations with forthcoming Artificial Intelligence and analytics engines and are actively discussing additional ways to facilitate data exchange and future-proof our client's platform.